Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[NEW] CS GO Multi-Hack [ESP/Glow, Trigger, Bunnyhop and more!]

The hack is external and contains ESP with lines and glow (glow not recommended since it writes process memory every second), trigger, external crosshair, and junk mode.


-ESP: Health, armor, glow, highlight c4 and defuser players, players names, competitive rank and competitive wins.
-Easy Bunny.
-Simple external crosshair.
-Trigger: Ability to enable trigger for teammates and you can change the shoot delay in ms.
-Junk Mode: Ability to enable Junk Code Generator in 4 levels with the delay between each code execution.
-Configs: Change the window color.
-Offsets: .ini file where you can update the whole offsets.


-F1: Open cheat.
-F2: Enable/Disable ESP.
-F3: Bunny.
-F4: External Crosshair.
-F5: Trigger.
-F6: Enable/Disable Junk Code Generator.
-F7: Enable/Disable Glow.
-F8 Close cheat.

VAC: Undetected.

Credits and code used:
The code used in my program is totally made by me except glow, W2S function and memory library BUT I've edited and added metamorphic junk code on them to avoid the easy VAC Detection so you can use it safely. I recommend using a hash changer sometimes. If you found some error or anything tell me and I'll fix it.

I've added a extended Junk Code Generator and is more or less effective against VAC but this cheat is now public so I suppose it will stay without VAC for many weeks.

Virus Scans: 


Vac Info:
I am not sure this hack is DETECTED
but it can be simply undetected if you CHANGE THE OFFSETS in Notepad or Notepad++

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