Monday, September 21, 2015

League of Legends,ZoomHack,Third Person,Auto Last hit,Auto Dodge skills

League of Legends,ZoomHack,Third Person,Auto Last hit,Auto Dodge skills

AutoMatic features+Lasthits:
automatically last hit any minions, while ignoring enemy champions
same as lane freeze but will poke any enemy champions that come in range
pushes the lane by last hitting minions but also continuously attacks
used for fights against enemy champions, will auto attack and execute combo on best target(s)

Unlock Camera - Unlock zoom scrolling to Zoom in/out as far as you want.
Alternate Zoom - Moves the camera away from the game world rather than changing zoom values.
View Distance ++ - Extends the draw distance to stop the blackness the appears when zooming too far out or looking down a lane in third person.
Set Field of View - Increase/Decrease field of view.
Camera Rotation - Change the rotation of the camera for top down/third person effects.
Disable Fog of War - Turns off the fog of war, only a visual effect, cannot be used to see the location of enemy players.

Numpad / - Enable Hotkeys
Numpad * - Disable Hotkeys

Numpad1 - Unlock Zoom
Numpad3 - Lock Zoom
Numpad4/6 - Horizontal Camera Rotation
Numpad2/8 - Vertical Camera Rotation
Numpad7 - Alternate Zoom on
Numpad9 - Alternate Zoom off
Numpad0 - Extend Draw Distance
Numpad. - Restore Draw Distance
Numpad+ - Increase FOV (Tick FOV Box first)
Numpad- - Decrease FOV

Numpad5 - Reset all

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