Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Insane Girlfriend Strips Naked In Public After Boyfriend Refused To Buy Her iPhone 6s

Relationship is full of ups and downs, often times you’re in bliss being together but fights and arguments are inevitable, it’s a normal thing. However, there are some couples who don’t take fights lightly and would do everything just to win an argument, especially if “pride” is at stake. Just like this woman in China who strips naked for probably the most ridiculous reason.
Several witnesses claimed that the pair was first seen having an argument outside a subway station in Nanjing, China. According to reports, the boyfriend refused to buy her an iPhone 6S, the woman didn’t take it well and end up in an argument with him.
In the CCTV footage, the woman can be seen chasing the man up a public square to confront him, while onlookers stopped by to witness the commotion.
But during the heated fight, the woman inexplicably strips off her clothes suddenly and throws them away.
Shockingly, the guy didn’t try to stop her or even shield her bare naked girlfriend from people around. Street hawkers within the area also continued selling their wares as if nothing was happening.
The crazy fight only ended when a concerned woman intervened and convinced the woman to put her clothes on.

Watch the report

Sources: Stomp, Daily Mail
Stripping naked just for an iPhone is childish and unacceptable. Somehow we didn’t really know the whole story, there might be more reasons behind her actions.

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