September 21, 2015


Watch Clan War Gameplays and Gaming Tutorial

Do you want to rule in every Crossfire game? Sign up now for VIP access and get our Crossfire
Hack and let us take you to a whole new level of crazy killing mayhem. With our Crossfire Cheat you can always
see other players on the map and tell what weapons they carry if any. You can also auto lock onto them with
your aimbot and take them down in one second or less. We have the fastest aimbot in the world with
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Autobot - Locks on and kills the enemy faster than you can
AimThru - Makes it so the aimbot can kill through objects
AimAt - Tell the aimbot what to aim at
AimKey - Set your key to use for the aimbot
Visibility Check - Makes sure a player can be hit before firing
BoneScan - Tell the aimbot what bone to hit (IE: head, chest, etc)
AutoSwitch - Changes to the next enemy player after your kill
Autoshoot - Fires for you automatically and kills faster
AutoWall - Penetrates all walls and kills people behind them
Field Of View - Let's the aimbot see all around you 360 degrees
Human Aim - Makes the aimbot appear to be a human
Aim Speed - Make the aimbot aim super fast or slower
Ping Correction - Corrects the aimbot depending on your ping

Name - Displays the name of all players on the screen
Fade - Special effect to make targets fade out at distance
Distance - Tells you how far away each player is from you
Weapon - Shows every weapon and it's name
BoundingBox - Box around players for easier targeting
See Dropped Weapons - Shows you every dropped weapon on the map
Enemy warning - Warns you of a close enemy player
2D Radar - Shows all enemy on the radar screen
Configurable - Change all colors for every ESP item

BOXES (2D & 3D)
Player Boxes (2D and 3D)
Configurable for Team and/or Enemy

Shows all players
Configurable Colors
Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor
Configurable Position

Configurable Color
Configurable Size
Configurable Structure

No Recoil - Removes weapon recoil from every gun
No Spread - Removes bullet spread from all weapons

Proximity Alert - Tells you when the enemy is near
Aiming At Your Warnings - Tells you when the enemy is aiming at you

Draw Fps - Draws the frame rate on screen
Draw Time - Draws time on screen
Draw Resolution - Tells you the resolution
Crosshair - Keeps a crosshair in the middle of your screen

Brand new anti-cheat built into our loader for added protection
Driver mode to help keep you hidden from developers
Memory Scan Bypass
Screenshot Bypass

Save Settings
Load Settings
Delete Settings
Auto-Load Settings
Move Cheat Menu
Mouse Controlled

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  1. I cant open it...i mean i press to open it and it doesnt show a thing

  2. It is all fake... No one reply here...