Sunday, September 13, 2015

255 FARM EXP BlackShot SEA

255 FARM EXP BlackShot SEA

Well, first release of new BS SEA, as many requested is here new 255 method.
Nobody help me and I dont gain nothing releasing hacks so if you wanna motivate me to release new hack for bs sea press at less thanks button if I helped you.


1ª Inject 255 dll after GameGuard DISAPPEARS
2ª Create a  SD Room with 15 rounds and 1x1 only, if appears 255 dont worry.
3ª Inside of game make sure that you have HOST and press key "END... after that close my message at desktop"
4ª Kill or Die doesn't matter, just make a score kill different than 0/0.
NOTE: Wait 30 seconds after game started for die or kill

Note /cares
1º Teste in W7 64 bits, ohters system IDK.
2º Only work for 2 ppl = 1x1... I can release for 8x8 in soon IDK /fmm I will w8 this thread feedback.
3º Use "extreme injector" and inject manually with deafaults settings

Virus scan

Credits: Yulu

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