Thursday, August 20, 2015

ViKiNGHook: ViKiNGChams ~> [Texture And Shader + Source Code]

Missed me  i kno u luv me
Anyway, its now time for YOU to make a hack!
I have made up some things lately and today i had nuthing to do. I wanted to make coffe and so i did.
And coffe + viking = code.
Anyway to the point.
It's now your turn to make this hack even better!
This little wallhack is easy to implument to any kind of hack!

To mention: i will be away for couple of days.
And as always, you are using this hack at your own risk.

What's that? U want screens u say?
Sure baby

Filetype: DLL (Internal)

You can run this hack in:
Fullscreen Window
Or your own custom window setting.

And you know what? You can change the signature and say that you have made it  pls dont.
Guys.. im sorry if i have not been active on the forum the past few weeks but i got some trouble home as well but now im back.
If you want more Sources, stick around

Virus Jotti [Found Nothing]
0/22 Virus Jotti Link

Virus Total [Found 1 - (Suspicious) - DNAScan]
1/56 Virus Total Link

Anyway, enjoy and please don't spam.
ViKiNG <- me.


CT Blue (Visible)
CT Lemon Green (Not Visible)
T Red (Visible)
T Yellow (Not Visible)
Hands (OFF)
Weapons (Visible and Not Visible) Standard Color: White.

im backz

Oh, and btw!

Let the animals take their time to approve

Sorry for my bad english.

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