Sunday, August 9, 2015

[Usf]Mod V.1 By Kwonyuri03

Features : Costumized Loading Screens,Icons,Tab,Kill Marks
Version : V1.0
Virus Scan : Will be posted soon
File Size : 18.6 MB
Warning : 18+ Only and make sure you backup your original file !
Credits : @KwonYuri03 , Aiko Bravo

Instructions :
1.Download and Exract the file "KwonYuri03™ USF Mod V.1.exe" to Desktop.
2.Open "KwonYuri03™ USF Mod V1.exe" and choose the Costumized Database you want to use.
3.And if you've already had a choice then Click the "Extract" button.
4.After clicking the extract button the file will be added to this destination Folder "C:\Users\"
5.Copy the file and Paste it to your USF Directory example "F:\Online Games\Soldier Front\Data\Menu"
6.Enjoy the Intimate Feeling while Playing :)

Image Tut :
1.Open "KwonYuri03™ USF Mod V.1.exe" on desktop

2.Click Extract

3.Then go to "My Computer ~> Local Disc C ~> Users" and copy the .SFF files

4.Then paste it to your USF Directory example "D:\OnlineGames\SoldierFront\data\menu".

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