Friday, August 21, 2015

South Korea Begin Evacuating After North Korea Opens Fire With Large Shells

So it’s official, North Korea have finally kickstarted World War III with a dramatic show of force on the Korean border. I mean, it was always going to happen, but it’s never nice to hear that the world is close to spiralling into nuclear oblivion. I thought we had a few years before Kim Jong-un lost his marbles and took us all down with him.
Reports suggest that South Korea have ordered an evacuation after an exchange of fire on the border between the two nations. Apparently, North Korea fired a shell at South Korean military units, prompting a retaliation from the South which involved several artillery rounds.
The South Korean Defence Ministry claim that North Korea fired on the north-west town of Yeoncheon at 06:52 GMT, with suggestions that the target may have been a loudspeaker broadcasting anti-NK propaganda. South Korea then fired a number of rounds in retaliation, however we have heard no reports of injuries or deaths from either nation.

With crisis talks planned in the South Korean capital, North Korea have maintained radio silence on the incident.

We’ve heard that 80 people have been evacuated from the South Korean side of the border, being urged to “take shelter”. Not the news the world want to hear. In more crazy North Korea news, Kim Jong-un has created his own unique time zone in a bid to break away from neighbours Japan. Wow.
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