Sunday, August 16, 2015

League Of Legends Radar,Auto Farm,Evade enemy skills

League Of Legends Radar,Auto Farm,Evade enemy skills


  • Auto evade: automatically avoid enemy skill shots if possible
  • Collision: visibility checks for proper skill shot logic and similar things
  • Awareness: show all enemy champion ranges and cooldowns, warn you when someone is trying to gank, and more


  • Lane freeze mode: automatically last hit any minions, while ignoring enemy champions
  • Mixed mode: same as lane freeze, but will poke any enemy champions that come in range
  • Lane clear mode: pushes the lane by last hitting minions but also continuously attacks
  • Carry mode: used for fights against enemy champions, will auto attack and execute combo on best target(s)
  • Keys: set different toggle keys for each mode
  • Customizable: implement your own combo for each champion via C++ scripting
  • Callbacks: implement your own callbacks for each stage of the orbwalking logic via C++ scripting


  • C++: access to engine API to write custom features via C++ scripting
  • Manager: ability to manage all your scripts from the menu by seeing what scripts are available, loading new scripts, unloading running scripts, and more
  • Callbacks: implement an array of callbacks such as OnProcessSpell, OnSendPacket, OnReceivePacket, OnGameUpdate, and more


  • Shows enemy in Brush/Walls
  • Shows enemy range in dark range of the map
  • shows enemy champions everywhere in minimap


  • Custom Anti Cheat
  • prevents riots logs
Virus Scan

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