Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to get free skins.

Hey yall, ive been doing this for a few weeks now. so basicly, you need to crack some accounts. i recommend using a cracked version of lol cracker or sentry mba. i use both not really a big difference. and then you run the accounts you get through an account checker. the ones that are at least level 10 and have 400 rp or more, add them to your friends list and wait 24 hours. after the time period you can gift yourself the skins that are on sale. every sale there is atleast 1 374 rp skin, sometimes there will be a 260 skin. This week i have gotten these 2 skins absolutly free!

Shadow Prince Malzahar
520-260 RP

Striker Lucian
750-375 RP

hope this helps definitely worth the waiting time for cracking and the 24 hours .
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