Monday, August 10, 2015

GTA 5 Fucker Menu v2.9.8

GTA 5 Fucker Menu v2.9.8
Hi, this is a menu that will be updated frequently. Before i talk about it i would like to give credits to the creator of kinky, as this is what i based it off of. This menu has been worked on for a little while and has such feature(these are just some), Aimbot, Frame, Object Spawn(Cant control yet), Online Menu, A working Recovery, etc. This menu is NOT Chr0m3 x Modz menu, it is simply named after it. So don't expect a ton of work. Here i present to you the mod menu
Virus Scan

Credits: Tucker20011 the creator
Virus Scan's 

press F4 to open menu
change log
Car Spawner Works online(Used to be only client side now is server side so players can see the car)
Add more Online Player Functions(Requested by SeniorLopata)
Aimbot is EVEN Better!(Added a Alpha Check to the aimbot, Check the Opacity of a player if they opacity is below 255 they are in passive so it doesn't shoot passive Players)
Add SuperRPM(also requested by SeniorLopata)

NOTE: i might quit making this menu. I might although start making mods

If you have ANY!!!! ideas please suggest them, i tried to make it so you can change the button to open the menu but its a WIP will be done soon

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