Thursday, August 13, 2015

GamingVip (Hack for All Pb) Updated 13/08/2015 Day


Inject the DLL injector with some of your own. Done! 
Some observations: The trainer can catch a little (I realized this a little while but it is difficult to occur) and the designer / GUI / Interface / Form the trainer does not open, close the game and inject again 


Your weapon will automatically shoot when the enemy passes down your sights (Use only in win7). 

Your weapon will fire automatically when the enemy go through your sights. 

Select the level of Fire, Fire, Fire + 1 + 2. Do not abuse because you can take DC several times with the Fire + Fire + 1 and 2, the Fire level is difficult to take DC with this. 
Each time you press the left mouse button, the speed will become operational so that it is cool, because it increases the shutter speed and your character in general. 
The Super SpeedHack only serves to defusa and put the C-4 (pump) faster, ie if you use it for something else other than described little, take DC! 
When you select this option, hold the key "E" to activate. 

Simple and usual (everyone knows how to use). With retouching in wallhack the option to select press the tab key to activate and tab again to turn off. 

Super Agility
will leave her more agile character when trying to "dodge" the bullets 

loock password
Create a room, click on the room password. Go to the trainer, click "passwordLoock", return to the game and click to add a password. 

Jump Hack
Select one of the levels and can jump as high as any other. To use this cheat, I recomento use or not die jumping or invisible respawn because if u select the level 3 or even 2, you lose life when you jump and land in "soil". 

This cheat will give you possibility of falling , to jump slowly or too fast. For this, calibrate the cheat. 

Gun Edition
The first thing you have to do to think about using this cheat is to click the universal protection. After removing the protection of weapons (note that even removing the protection, some weapons may have disconnection) go to your inventory, staff the weapon you want to edit, return to the trainer and edit the gun as you prefer (issue of weapons does not work for some sub . Lmebrando kriss as the "infinite" ammunition does not work, so do not recommend using. 

wall name
The Classic wall name, to activate it, just click on the opponent p / view the name inimigo.OBS time:. I do not know it still works) 

Not die jumping
to function after death, when you are "flashing" enable it. With the same assets, it will allow you the same advantages of Invisible respawn (Recommended for use with the jump hack) 

Super speed
As the name suggests, your character will be more agile. 

Anti-Stopped DC
Remove the DC case your character stand still by a long time during a game. 

Cheats Pump / smoke (ONLY TESTED IN WIN8.1)
Basically, when you select one of the options to attack quickly the k-400 or smoke when u hit it for some of them it will be shot immediately! Very streamlines the process and particularly I use a lot. 
"Multiple k-400", well, your character will be tacando k-400 nonstop until U select a weapon or bomb. Advise you to hit it at most 3 or 4 grenades to not take dc also use enough! 

Manipulate Vision
As the name suggests, handles the view at various angles of the character. 

Handles, intelligently a "Callback" to the character. . The only problem is that is no longer visible when pierced by a shadow, but it is very useful when used provided with the wall hack 
Here is an example of Callback:

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