Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catchmind Menu v4.1.0


F6 - activate
F5 - teleport to marker
NUM2/8 - navigate up/down (numlock must be on)
NUM4/6 - next/previous page ex. Players Options(1/2), Object Spawner(1/4)
NUM5 - select
NUM0 - back
NUM4/6 - fast scroll up/down in 'Online Players'

NUM3 - super break
NUM9 - speed boost
NUM+ - vehicle weapons
[ - force forward (Force key activate ON)
] - force upward (Force key activate ON)
Delete - wanted level clear
Numpad.(decimal) - heal player

Default settings:

Silent [ON]
Infinite Parachute [ON]
Speed Boost [ON]
Strong Wheels [ON]
Show Who's Talking [ON]

Creator: catchmind

Alexander Blade
FreeOffset (/u/smokevapors)

Change log:


Vehicle Options
-Escort To Marker
-Chauffeur To Marker(fixed)

Online Player

Harass Menu
-Molotov(Burn -> Molotov)
-Ram Vehicles(bicycle, ruffian, hearse, bus, besra)

Online Spawn Objects
-Custom Input

Attach Options
-Stungun Attack
-Custom Input

Crash(harass function) fixed
Carjacking fixed
Bodyguards fixed
Custom input crash fixed
Car spawner list changed in alphabetical order(a-z)

Virus Scans:

Contact(bug report, suggestions, etc) :
skype - abcdrnb

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