Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Asiangamers Public H4ck Version 1.1

Hi guys,

here's a new release from asiangamers..

h4ck Screenshot :

Os Supported: !important]Only Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit users.
Sorry for xp users this won't work on you.

Things you will need:

1. 15 up valid posts.
2. the h4ck
3. brain.exe
4. and enjoy

Instructions on how to activate your KEY follow the instruction below

1. !important]download the h4ck below

Note: Turn off first your anti virus before download it or extracting it some antivirus may detect it as malware but its only a false alarm only so its safe.

2. extract it

3. run the h4ck as administrator by right clicking it and select run as administrator

4. log in your forum account name (username) and password (your forum Password) then click log in

5. get your key found on the screenshot below
this is your key (Write it down so you wont forgot it)

6. after getting your key go and activate it Click the link to activate your KEY

KEY link activation: >>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<

7. log in your forum username and password. Make sure your key is right after clicking activating new key if you have mistaken on
putting your key you will have to wait the allotted time before you can put again another new key so be careful on putting it and
check it always if it is correct.

8. After activating your key go back again to your asiangamerz client

then click again the >>>>LOAD<<< after clicking it this will pop up. then you may now start log in your soldierfront account.

Hotkey for the h4ck: Insert

Virusscan link: HERE

Good Job AsianGamerz welcome back!!!

Download Now
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