Tuesday, August 18, 2015

27.5 Orape Hacked Client [SWF/EXE]

I didn't make it myself, I just put the new client through Orape so those of you who can't run Orape can access a hacked client more quickly.

NOTE: This is the old Orape version, it does not contain auto-spellbomb and other features added by Jnoob that weren't added to the client builder. It might have some bugs or broken features due to the update. This is meant to last until Jnoob releases his own updated version.

All credits belong to the parties stated below.


-->Izilife and Jnoob for making the Orape application
-->059 for removing the ads

Virus Scans:




Miscellaneous Notes:

27.5 Patch Notes (right from Kabam forums):
"New Adds:

Right-Click on Chat Bubble now displays the player menu
Mini map rotation: new option to enable mini map rotation on player camera rotation (short cut: left-click on the mini map can also toggle the rotation of the mini map)
Added a "Particle Effects" option in the graphics menu to reduce particles and help with performance

Big Fixes:
- Low particle effects - throw animation timing
- Fixed an issue with Beginner's Package"

If you get the language error, remember to add the file to your trusted flash locations:

1) Open the client, right click, and select global settings.

2) Click advanced

3) Click trusted location settings

4) Click add

5) Click add file

6) Navigate to the client file

Finally, to open the hack menu, press F1

Thank you!

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