Tuesday, July 28, 2015

USF PUB Ver. 5.1

PubHack Status : On

Extended Till week End..

[D3D Hack]

  • X-hair
  • No-Smoke
  • No-Flash
  • No-Fog
  • Full-Bright
  • [Weapon hack]
  • Damage Hack 1
  • No-Recoil
  • Unli Ammo
  • [ESP hack]
  • 2D Box ESP
  • Health Bar ESP
  • [Items hack]
  • Holly hack
  • Double Up
  • Fast-Switch
  • Poit-X2
  • Point X3
  • Point X5

[Boosting Hack]

  • Guerilla EXP
  • Guerilla SP
  • Fixed EXP
  • Fixed SP
  • [Server Hack]
  • Ping-Hack

[Menu Options]

  • Save Menu Settings
  • Load Menu Settings
  • Reset Menu Setting
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