Sunday, July 19, 2015

LOL Mouse Bot

Hello everyone! Here's a fairly basic mouse button I created this afternoon.
What can I do?
You can create a queue of commands que will be executed sequentially. These commands include moving the cursor, using the delay and performing mouse clicks of the three main buttons (left, middle and right).

What's its purpose?
You can use this for various purposes, but the purpose I created it for was to avoid the Leaver Buster Warning When You're inactive in game for a while. However I created for taking short breaks During games and not for full-time AFK, because even if you avoid the Leaver Buster Warning you can not avoid the 4-5 reports Resulting in penalty. This does not apply to Coop vs. AI since nobody care if you're AFK or not and will not report you (maybe), so you can use it to level up or gain a little IP while you're busy doing other stuff .

1. Modify the command list by adding or removing commands.
2. Once you're happy with the list you can start the command execution process.
3. If repeat is turned on the list of commands will run over and over.

Virus scans:
Jotti's malware scan

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