Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BlackRainbow's Instalocker (Work with all updates)

Hello everyone ! I've juste release the first version of my instalocker, there is how it looks like:

What can it do?
This program make you able to instalock your favorite champion and say your lane in chat before everyone, it's tested on Windows7 and it works perfectly (on my version of Win7 almost)

What's its purpose?
Its simply instalock, but it can also automaticaly go to Lol Nexus, you juste have to write your LoL's summoner name and your region

1. Launch the program
2. Once it's open, enter your champion's name (your EXACT name champ, such as Xerath, Blitzcrank and Yasuo)
3. Then your lane (such as mid, top, jungle, adc etc).
3. After that, press "Launch" button and start your game, once you've accept the match, stop touching your mouse/keyboard because if you didn't, the bot wont be able to move mouse exactly where it wants to.
4. Once it have select your champ and instalock, the program will restart automaticaly to make you able to go on LoL Nexus (by entering you nickname and your region (EUW, EUNE, NA etc) ) .

Virus scans:

This program is coded with AutoIt so I see that it's detected by some antivirus software as a trojan (I think it's because it move mouse and interact with keyboard).

VirusScans of Exe:

VirusScans of Zip:

SHA1 checksum of exe (to be sure lol ^^ ): 0eb90efe27f51663ab2e00b798dc94b42df3267a
MD5 checksum of exe (to be very sure lol ^^ ): 42dadf52d1f3b29015380d1afa08cfde

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