Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[Active Hacks CF] D3D Menu Hack

Hey Eveyone...!!!

Active Hacks CF brings you the best hack available and working as always...!!!

How to Activate
Open the Exe and Click anywhere....!!!

About Menu
Bone, Box, Line are at 3nd...1st and 2nd sucks...4th its aimbot the last in 4th its auto aimbot...Don't use the 2 last you will get bann!!!

Url to download its 3 + 5sec skip ads = 15sec...please do not post any url...I just need some $$ for my effort...I don't make you pay me...I give it you free...sry guys for the 3 skip ads...

Press the Thanks button it Helps me a lot...

* Warning *
The Hack its in Russian I testeD it at CFEU don't ever use the 2 last Functions they will get you Disconect from Server and you will get banneD..!!!

Always test the hack with a noob account first..!!!

TesteD: CFEU Windows 7 x32

Working: CFEU - CFRU
Test Other CF and tell me

Download Now
'hotshotgamers.net' does not host any of the files mentioned on this blog. This blog only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users in www.pcgamers.net www.citpekalongan.com ramleague.netand more. I don't create cheat I don't know anything about coding. Using cheat may ban your account permanently. Use at your own risk!