Friday, July 17, 2015

[5.13] wZH {Zoom Hack}

Hi everyone!
I updated my zoomhack to patch 5.13
Added negative zoom (just for fun xD)
Just run .exe file and start a game (You can run .exe when you are already in game it doesnt matter)
You dont need to re-open .exe everytime you start a new game.

Hold left mouse button to drag it.
Click right mouse button to close it.



Known Issue
1. ZH works only in summoner's rift
2. When you are in game and you close ZH window then open it again it won't show you zoom value
(Better dont open it twice in the same game)
3. This doesn't work in garena (I think it won't support it)

 Ban Risk
There is minimal ban risk i think because there is no DLL injection.
This program replaces original bytes with NOPS 0x90 so riots can't track it (I hope)
Just don't tell everybody that you have zoomhack =)

Have fun!
If you notice some bugs please write it here =)

Download Now

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