Friday, July 3, 2015

[] Chuck's WoT Modpack - Tundra/Lasers/Xray/Tracers/Autoaim/Reload Timer/etc

1. Simple Aimbot

2. Tundra

3. Direction Indicator

4. Lasers

5. RedBalls

6. Reload Timer

7. Xray

8. Tracers

9. Shadow

10. Red Pool

11. Automatic Extinguisher

12. Battle Assistant

13. 30x Zoom

14. Autoequip

15. Something was HIT

16. Objects Destroyed

17. Session Statistics

Q - Tundra
G - Battle Assistant while in arti mode
The rest of the mods are enabled by default and there's no need to disable them.

How to install:
Copy the contents of "All in One" folder in your /World of Tanks/res_mods/0.9.8/ folder

Make sure you copy these mods after you installed ModXVM. Not before!

Virus Scans: 

Sorry for the delay guys

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