Monday, June 8, 2015

X-Bow Glitch (Ground Mode Glitch) in Clash of Clans

After I posted about the Barbarian King fighting outside his range glitch I got a couple of mails about a real glitch – Ground Mode X-Bows shooting Air Troops in Clash of Clans. To be honest with you I thought so far that this is only a graphical bug but after I had some time to investigate this issue today I found out that the X-Bow glitch is a bad glitch (in other words Bug because glitch is more a wording for something that only stuck in graphics not in gameplay) in Clash of Clans that affects everyone of us raiding with Air Troops like Balloonian.

December 2014 X-Bow glitch for Ground Mode

This X-Bow glitch came into the game with the December 2014 Christmas Update – that’s for sure. I expect that the Multi-Layout Feature is responsible for this because I expect that to not save the modes of some buildings correctly. But why is this glitch so dangerous and what does it exactly do? First of all it can make you attack bases with inside 3 X-Bows set to ground mode with your Balloons and soon after you started you will see that your raid will go down because there is quite a lot additional damage dealt to your troops.
This is pretty bad but it becomes worst. Just the fact that watching the base before you attack will give you wrong information and you can loose a whole attack but what if I tell you that this is not only a graphical problem but the X-Bow is actually set to Ground Mode? Here is my evidence from a raid:

Ground Mode X-Bow attacking air troops Clash of Clans X Bow Ground glitch attacking air troops

Balloons getting attacked from a X-Bow that is set to Ground Mode

The X-Bow is clearly set on Ground Mode (from scouting) but it shoots at the Balloons. When visiting the base I found out that the X-Bow in fact is set to Ground Mode so it shouldn’t even shoot at the troops so we have a huge problem here for all of us loving Balloon compositions.

Visiting base shows X-Bow glitch that it is set to ground mode Clash of Clans X Bow Ground glitch attacking air troops proof

Proof that the X-Bow is really set to ground mode by visiting the Base via the Clan Search

As far as I know Supercell hasn’t commented on this even the X-Bow glitch has been out there for about 2 weeks now. I hope they will make a hotfix for this because this really makes attacks wasted and I can recommend you to maybe switch your composition until this is fixed.

What’s happening next with the X-Bow glitch?

Supercell reported they are aware of this bug/glitch and will find a solution as soon as possible. The problem is that they haven’t pushed a Hotfix Update so far so you can assume there won’t be one until the next Content Update. Sad but true. It’s very likely that this will get fixed in the January / February 2015 Update.

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