Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why Sub 200 Farming is wasting your time

I get some mails regarding this and also lots of people still fall for the spooky myth of the Promised Land called “Sub 200 Farming”. I think it might be a help for some of you if I will give you a short wrap up why this is really a waste of your time – at least almost all the time.

What’s Sub-200 Farming?

That’s when you drop yourself to an Trophy Range below 200. In the history of Clash of Clans there used to be a time when all bases stayed in the pool of readable bases. This means all the inactive bases showed up a lot and did not get disabled for raiding like Supercell does since quite a while now. This time offered so much loot because you only had to click some next to get to the 200,000+ resource bases. You could even take them pretty easily because the abandoned bases had all of it in bursting filled Collectors and Mines. This was looking something like this (“was!”):
Clash-of-Clans-sub-200-farming Clash of Clans sub 200 farming

Why are you wasting your time doing this?

Well, you see this was a strategy in the ancient history of Clash of Clans. First of all you need time to downgrade to this range. This was not the main problem, because dropping is kind of fast and maybe you come across some nice bases you can take a lot of resources from. The problem is that if you’re sub 200 you need time to get back at your regular farming range. Now let’s give you a short picture of what’s happening down there.
You will only find two kind of bases there:
  • Abandoned bases of people who started with Clash of Clans and found out that this is not a game they will enjoy. These are probably TH3 bases you can’t take lot of resources from.
  • Strong TH8+ bases I call “The Sharks” (if you played some Poker you might know this expression). Bases worth some reasonable resources but not easy to destroy. This kind of bases also exist in your regular farming range, you don’t need to go to this range for these kind of bases
Know we get to the main problem at Sub-200. If you’re having a Farming Base you have an exposed Town Hall to get the cheap shield. At Sub-200 you will only see people who want to get one thing: resources. These players are the only real active one down there because the other bases are abandoned and low. These people don’t want to get the easy trophies (because they dropped down on purpose) and the Win Bonus there is nothing. You can probably make the correct assumption yourself – they only attacks you get are from serious attackers who want your resources.

Is there any secret farming spot?

If I could tell you it wouldn’t be a secret any more. Please don’t get me wrong – I don’t know of any secret farming spot. I know that everyone is pretty upset because the loot situation is not at the best condition right now and my initial hope that this was only because of the recent update was maybe a little wrong. I’m sure Supercell will do something about this because they can’t simply ignore this without losing lots of active players. I farmed between 1700 and 2600 Trophies in the last two weeks (with my Town Hall 10 base) and the loot is the same. The only hint I can give you is to try and monitor different times (see at the Trophy Range for Farming post) and hope this will get better.
My guess would be that Supercell will raise the War Bonus and the regular League Bonus in the next update to get the lack of loot straight. I think they can’t just bring back more abandoned bases. Even if the loot is bad you might want to check out the Farming Category and maybe you find at least some posts that can make your situation a little better.

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