Monday, June 8, 2015

Why loot is very bad right now

I recently got a lot mails about the very bad loot situation most of us are facing right now – I want to dedicate this post to this situation and explain why we’re currently have to deal with the bad loot and what had lead to this. You can treat this as some kind of motivational post to overcome a small down you may have right now.

The apple after sugar situation

First of all the loot is always a situative impression. In some cases you are glad to find bases with 50,000-100,000 Gold and other days you’re not even having closer look at bases lower than 200,000 resources. Please keep in mind that we had the 1 gem boost for about 3 days which has given us a lot of juicy bases – I had lots of 600,000 resources raids during the weekend and most of them just had completely filled Mines and Collectors.
Another thing is that when the rumors and Sneak Peeks fly around lots of inactive players just log in to see what the update is and then leave their abandoned base back in the raiding pool when they see that the update hasn’t been released yet – just before an update there is always one of the most juicy times. Now it’s like you have eaten sugar and trying to eat an apple right after that – the apple isn’t sour, but you are used to something even more sweet.

clahs-of-clans-bad-loot-situation-september-2014 clahs of clans bad loot situation september 2014

The update itself changed the loot situation

There haven’t been any kind of changes to the loot dynamic in the whole Clash of Clans economy with the September 2014 Lava Hound Update. The thing is that an update always gets lots of very casual players (checking in 2-3 times per week) to constantly check in for the new features so their bases are active and their Mines and Collectors are empty. From my experience of almost 2 years of Clash of Clans I can tell you that this is getting better in about 1 week so we’re going back to normal instead of bad loot.

Upgrading Walls with Elixir and the consequences to the loot

I know that a significant part of the community thinks that upgrading Walls with Elixir is making the loot situation even worst. Looking at the pure facts this may be a logical thing, but when talking about loot you most likely talk about Gold and Dark Elixir and when someone is able to spend Elixir on Walls he is able to save the Gold for more expensive upgrade – this is where you can get more juicy bases. I think this is not very dramatic because Elixir is not a focus resource when farming when you’re Town Hall 9. Only time will tell which theory is right in this case.
Please just watch the situation while the dust of the update will settle and in 1 week this will not be a topic for all of us until the next update is coming. I hope you get some motivation out of this to survive the short walk through the desert.
Important! With the October 2014 Clash of Clans Update the League and War Bonus get increased and will make the bad loot situation better.

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