Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where to Upgrade Walls First

Hey everyone, my name’s Kyle. I’m currently a Town Hall 8 and I’m a new addition to the AllClash team. I’m primarily an editor, but I will occasionally write some tips for you all. Let’s get into the first one.
The Frequent Error
I regularly see people during raids or while checking out bases who have upgraded their walls in an “every other wall” method. Although the order in which you upgrade your walls can seem silly and pointless, I believe any advantage you can give your base against attackers should be used. If you’re one of these Clashers with every other wall upgraded, I suggest you edit your base now.
When You Start Upgrading Walls
One of the best ways to start upgrading walls is by beginning with the joints. A joint is simply the wall(s) that is connecting 2-4 compartments within the lines of walls, like so:

clash-of-clans-wall-upgrade-spots clash of clans wall upgrade spots

This system of upgrading can cause Wall Breakers (our main troop focus) to avoid these joints and stop them from opening up more than 1 compartment of walls. When troops decide to attack a wall, they generally attack the wall that’s a lower level, so they avoid these upgraded intersections. When this happens, your enemy may run out of Wall Breakers – keeping them from getting into the core of your base so easily.
After the Joints are Upgraded
Once your joints are upgraded, begin to upgrade the walls that surround the “core” of your base – usually filled with your Town Hall when Trophy Pushing or in a Clan War, or your Clan Castle and some storages when Farming. Doing this will cause your attacker the same problem as before: running out of Wall Breakers. Once your opponent’s inside the base, their goal is most likely to get in your core and destroy your Town Hall/storages. When you upgrade the walls surrounding the core, it makes it difficult for the Wall Breakers to break open the barrier if there aren’t enough of them attacking the same spot, depending on their level. This can be the difference between a 1 star raid and a 2 star raid or worse – thousands of gold and elixir.
Finally, Work From the Inside to the Outside
Once your core is finished, begin to work on the compartments that are connected to the core. This has the same reasoning behind the previous steps. It works effectively and it looks the part, too. While doing this, there may be walls you will want to avoid upgrading, depending on your base design:
– Walls that are used to force troops into traps while being funneled
– Walls that aren’t connected to other walls at the beginning of funnels
– Any other walls that aren’t connected to the base (used to fill a hole)
Other Tips
Try to keep all of your walls at the same level. This creates a clean look, adds to your base’s intimidation factor, and doesn’t allow your attackers to easily choose where they want to attack you from. Also, be sure to check out the “Wall Concepts in Base Design” post as well as the “HITS TO KILL Episode 4 – Walls” post to further your knowledge and use of walls.
Thanks for reading everyone. Tell me what you think in the comments.