Sunday, June 7, 2015

When to Break Your Shield While Farming

An important part of farming is deciding when to break your shield so you can protect your resources. Excuse me? Protecting resources by breaking your shield – how is this possible? Well, if you get destroyed by at least 90% from an enemy, you will get a 16 hour shield and be saved from other attackers, but just letting your shield run out is not always the best thing to do.

Is it Because the Collectors Run Full?

Your Mines and Collectors have, if you have them at least on level 7, enough capacity to collect resources over the time of 16 hours without running full. Your Dark Elixir from your Drills, however, should be collected because they only can only collect 16 hours of production if you have them at level 6. Your resource collectors aren’t the reason why should break your shield from time to time though, because you can collect them without breaking your shield.
What happens exactly when you break your shield? You open your base to anyone so you can get attacked again – something you don’t like when farming because there is a small chance someone will take a lot of your precious resources.

Sleep, Eat, Break Shield, Repeat.
You should also have the shield adapted to your biological rhythm. If you go to bed and you know you will sleep for the next 7 or 8 hours, but you have a shield of 4 hours, you can be sure that someone will take your Mines/Collectors production of 4 hours while you sleep. Breaking the shield on purpose will make sure your Mines/Collectors are completely empty and you can also do one or two BAM/BARCH raids before you finally go to sleep. I’m talking about farming here so you hopefully you have your Town Hall exposed  so you can be sure you’ll be attacked shortly after you break the shield. It’s not only the Town Hall snipers, but also people that see that you have lots of resources that don’t know how to calculate what’s in your Storages versus what’s in your Mines and Collectors, so they will try to take it with some BAM/BARCH combination and you will get a new 12 hour shield in exchange for 4-10 trophies (unless attacked by a Revenge).
Do the same in the morning when you know you can’t check your village because of work/school or if you’ll be in an area with bad cellular reception. Nothing is more frustrating than when your device dies while you’re not able recharge it and you see that someone took 100k+ resources just 10 minutes before you checked.

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