Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekly User Base Analysis Part 9 (Bloopy’s Farming Base)

This episode we have another farming base analysis from Bloopy he send me a couple of days ago. He devoted his base clearly on keeping his resources by him for probably getting enough together for all the nice and new features in the upcoming update :) simple smile Let’s go!
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-9-farming-base clash of clans weekly base analysis part 9 farming base

General thoughts

The base is divided in 3 layers, the inside core with the long range defenses (Barbarian King, X-Bows and Clan Castle) and the Storages, the second layer with mainly other defenses and outside the spreaded Mines/Collectors and the exposed Town Hall on the right hand side. I would change two things here:
  1. Spreading the Wizard Towers more simultaneously to always have a symmetric look so the attacker doesn’t have any weak spots on the first sight. The more symmetric your layout is the longer will it take the attacker to choose where he will attack from and this is time he cannot use for making any second thoughts for weak spots. I would put them next to the outside Storages because if farmers will break through the Wall they will probably send in mass deployments of Goblins, Barbarians or maybe try to send in lots of Minions to get them and the Wizard Tower will make a quick wipeout for them
  2. Put the Hidden Teslas more outside to also get Wallbreakers attacked (see here why in this Guide about defending against Wallbreakers) but also if you can attack Barbarian groups while they try to destroy your outside Mines/Collectors will be more efficient on the overall success rate of your defending
Maybe you use some of the spare outside Wall pieces to make the part bigger to fit them in:

Wallbreakers and Trap positions
There is no real defensive against Wallbreakers. I did mark the spots where the Wallbreakers will enter and you should think about putting some of the regular Bombs outside – maybe have a look at your Defense Replays to see where most of your attackers come from. Also your Spring Traps are next to the Storages where you probably get Barbarians and Goblins taken out most of the time. I really recommend you to put them where the Giants go most of the time and put them there because Spring Traps are way more effective when they are used against these kinds of units.
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-9-farming-base-wallbreakers-traps clash of clans weekly base analysis part 9 farming base wallbreakers traps
What I like is the arrangement of your Seeking Air Mines but maybe think about putting the Air Bombs more outside to get groups of Minions wiped out earlier in a defense. Especially Minions will often try to go through directly to the outside Storages and you shouldn’t make this that easy. Also the Giants Bomb should be better suited outside the Walls because some attackers will try to snipe your Storages over the Walls.

Next steps

You should really get your Wizard Towers to a higher level first before you think about anything else – I see that you started upgrading your Air Defenses and this is something that you should get done first.
If you want to get your base in next weeks episode of the Base Design Analysis just post it on our Facebook Page – have fun and prepare for Tuesday when the update for Clash of Clans arrives!

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