Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekly User Base Analysis Part 3 (Zach’s base)


Hello and welcome everyone to our 3rd episode of the Weekly User Base Analysis and this time there have been again so many interesting base designs – thank all of you. Unfortunately I cannot answer all your questions via Facebook and Mail because there are so many and time is so limited 😉 I hope you understand that.
Like I told last week after two episodes of trophy bases I wanted to do something different this week so I picked the farming layout from a user called Zach:
Foto Foto

General thoughts

As we are doing a farming base design first of all the Town Hall has to be exposed so you can get cheap shield because lots of people will take down the Town Hall with some troops and do not invest that much of troops to get to the resources. This one is checked. I don’t want to describe all things related to farming bases but you can have a look at some farming related posts (e.g. this one about good Farming Bases).
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-3-layout clash of clans weekly base analysis part 3 layout
In Zach’s base we have a good symmetric layout not exposing any kind of weaknesses in the structure. I would switch the Mortar in the middle with the Dark Elixir storage because this will give a bigger splash area for the Mortars and also put the precious Dark Elixir Storage mor into the middle. Also it would be better if you switch the Gold Mine with the Cannon so it is not that easy to snipe your Mines over the Walls which is pretty easy right now.
Also you should move the Walls (blue arrows) so you can get almost the same funneling for your Spring Traps without using two of them.


I know this picture looks somehow a little confusing, but let me explain:
  • Blue Lines are the routes that the Wallbreakers will take
  • Orange dots are the pieces of Walls that should be upgraded first
  • Red dots are the best positions for your normal Bombs
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-3-wallbreakers-and-bombs clash of clans weekly base analysis part 3 wallbreakers and bombs
Let’s talk about the Walls first – you started upgrading and did in the junctions which is good, but always keep in mind that it is not very possible that you will get Wallbreakers that deep inside your base when someone is attacking. First upgrade the orange dotted pieces as these are the pieces that will get attacked by the Wallbreakers and after that start upgrading the Walls outside.
If you put your Bombs at the red dotted points they will very likely kill some Wallbreaker when attacking – you would need to move your Barracks etc a little so have space for it.

Trap positions

I think that organizing your traps differently would get more out of them:
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-3-trap-positioning clash of clans weekly base analysis part 3 trap positioning
If you move the Walls like recommended above you will have some more space next to your Wizard Towers. This are also the spots where Wallbreakers most likely damage the Walls and Giants are coming in – I think if there are some Spring Traps it would hit them hard. Also try to spread out the Air Bombs more because the Seeking Air Mine is not attacking Minions and where you have them they are just causing redundancy as they would be triggered the same time and one of them is enough to take out the group of Minions.

Next steps

Harvest the gem box :) simple smile I think you already have because you send me this picture some two weeks ago, but if you want to get more gem boxes you need to remove them as you will never have two of them (see here how you can max your chances of getting a gem box). Beside that try to upgrade your Wizard Towers instead of focusing on Air Defence as I think you will not see many people attack your base with Dragons and the Wizard Towers are killer buildings.


This was the 3rd Sunday User Base Analysis episode and if you like to get your base reviewed next Sunday just post your base on our Facebook Page. In the meantime you can check out the latest tactical post like the Decoration Funneling or Hits to kill episode. I’m not quite sure what kind of base I will take for analysis next week so surprise me with your layouts and clash on!

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