Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekly User Base Analysis Part 15 (TH6 Farming Base)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make a User Base Analysis last week, and I’m really sorry about that – but here we go again with another base analysis. This time we are looking to another farming base (I don’t know the user name – his name is Manu) and I would like to do some trophy bases in the next weeks – if you have a nice trophy or war base, please post it on Facebook or send a message there. Alright, let’s get started!
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-15-town-hall-5-farming-base clash of clans weekly base analysis part 15 town hall 5 farming base

General Thoughts

I think that the layout itself is alright, but with that amount of Walls there aren’t many possibilities to create many different layouts – however I have some annotations to the arrangement of the buildings inside the Walls:
  1. Exposed Town Hall means exposed. You want a cheap shield, so motivate the visitors to attack it – you don’t motivate them to snipe your Town Hall when there is an Archer Tower and a Wizard Tower right behind it. You will most likely motivate people who want to push trophies and see your base as an easy one star base and then they’ll try to get as more of it as they can. Expose it properly.
  2. Clan Castle inside because you have two big disadvantages right now. One, you have only the upper side covered and two, you have loot in there. Have you read this post about hiding loot in the Clan Castle? I never get tired of saying that the Clan Castle has to be in the center. Always. All the time. No discussion. It’s the most powerful and unpredictable defensive building.
  3. You need to put the Air Defense somewhere else in order to place the Clan Castle there and putting it more outside is no problem – aerial defensive is not that important at your level. Give the VIP-places in the inside of your layout to the VIP buildings :) simple smile
  4. You have the Wizard Towers pretty much in one place. This gives your attacker an easy decision where to attack first. We don’t want to give someone easy decisions because we win if our opponents makes mistakes.
  5. Switch the Mortar and the Barbarian King – I think this will give a better radius to the splash damage and also puts the Barbarian King in a more useful position, and it keeps him from an easy K.O.
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-15-town-hall-5-farming-base-layout clash of clans weekly base analysis part 15 town hall 5 farming base layout

Trap Positions

I don’t see any bad trap placements. The only thing I would ask questions about are the 4 Hidden Bombs in the middle – actually this is always the central question all of you should ask yourself before placing a trap or building somewhere: “What troops do I want to see in the Trap and why should I place it there?” So, what is the point of placing 4 Hidden Bombs there? Don’t get me wrong, they are not wasted there, but what do you think you will surprise with the Bombs there? Maybe some rushing Goblins, but if they already broke in there it is probably too late anyways.

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