Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekly User Base Analysis Part 10 (Farming layout)

clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-9 clash of clans weekly base analysis part 9

General thoughts

This is a farming base and it has all classical attributes of a farming base: exposed Town Hall and multiple layers with storages inside. I would change the inside core because you have all your Mortars centered there and lots of attackers like using Lightning Spells to take out Mortars and in your layout they can drop the Lightning Spell right in the middle and damage all three of them at once. I also would suggest you to move your Clan Castle more into the middle. You will also gain more range if you put the Mortars on the Air Defenses spots which should also help you with the decoration funneling you set up – the essential for this is that the Mortars/Wizard Towers have these spots in range.
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-9-layout clash of clans weekly base analysis part 9 layout
I like that all of the defensive buildings are completely symmetric (Wizard Towers, Air Defenses) but I would switch one Gold Storage with an Elixir Storage because you have two clear sides and the attacker will most likely attack from the right side because there is all the Gold. Switching gives you one huge advantage which is that your attacker needs more time to figure out where to start the attack from.

Wallbreakers and Trap positions

First of all I like that you use the decoration funneling (read here more about this) and also the Spring Trap funneling. To make that visible for all of you I did make the routes of Giants visible:
clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-9-traps clash of clans weekly base analysis part 9 traps1
All together I think this is a very effective way to use your Spring Traps optimal but I think you can get more out of your regular Bombs. They are grouped together near the Hidden Teslas but what kind of troops do you want to attack with Bombs? In this place I only see Giants walking through them but they are not really affected by the Bombs – what you want to go for are low hotpoint troops like Wallbreakers, Archers and Goblins and I only sees these troops deployed outside. Have a look at your Defense Logs and see where your attackers deploy these troops most and then use the decoration funneling to place some Bobs in between or spread them out to the corners/junctions to defend against Wallbreakers.
If you want your base be featured in next weeks episode just post a screenshot of it on our Facebook page and maybe I will pick your base

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