June 8, 2015

Wartune Cheats- Exp, Gold, Medal hack

Watch our Clan Wars Replay and How to Cheat Tutorial

  • Cheat Engine 
  • Firefox

  1. Go to Wartune on facebook 
  2. Click Farm (buy a lot of L1 gold seed)
  3. Open Cheat Engine
  4. Click mini cpu icon at the top left of cheat engine or the small box under file tab
  5. Select -plugin_container.exe(firefox) or FlashPlayerPlugin_11 
  6. Value type '4 bytes'
  7. Scan '2160001' (L1 gold seed)
  8. Double click all the address or click the 1st address, hold shift and then click the last address,
  9. Click the red arrow
  10. Change the value to:
2160048 = gold
2160041 = money
2160050 = Luxury
2160052 = crystal 20k
2160055 = EXP
2160046 = Medal

  11. Close Farm vault
  12. Open Farm Vailt to view cheated plant
  13. Plant all the seeds and then reload the game
  14. Wait the harvest time



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