Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wallbreaking guide

This is an attack and a defensive guide, because it shows how the AI of wallbreakers work. You can either choose how you defend against wallbreakers (better said attackers who don’t know exactly how wallbreakers work) and also identify weak spots when attacking yourself.
Wallbreakers have a splash damage radius of 3 fields when exploding, this is important when you think about your layout. First of all you should avoid making X- or T-junctions. Why? Because for an X-junction there is only one point needed to crack open all 4 compartments – a nightmare. T-junctions offer this as well but there are less compartments opened by them:

14dzyic 14dzyic

As you can see here not only your walls are cracked, also the defensive buildings would be damaged by the wallbreaker – something you definitely want to avoid as much as possible.
Reinforcing your walls
Wallbreakers are always attracted to junctions! You can enforce your walls by making double layers and make them go where you want them to go – this can be very powerful if you add trap-funneling and really make your enemies hate you. Image what you do when sending in a couple of breakers that are pulverized by bombs or just shot up in the sky by a spring trap.

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Add some surprises
If you now know how your attackers wallbreakers will walk towards your walls you then know exactly where to add your traps to effectively surprise them. This always needs some attackers to optimize so don’t be afraid of just waiting some attacks until you change your layout.

34xpeg9 34xpeg9

Outposts with useless buildings
Something that really drives attackers mad – in fact this is a very expensive way. You need to invest a lot of wall units to make them. In former times it was so easy to distract wall breakers – maybe you remember:

clash-of-clans-wall-breaker-ai clash of clans wall breaker ai

Now wall breakers will always attack the wall that protects the nearest building. Sad but true :) simple smile Now you can distract them with islands like this:

v62kn9 v62kn9
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