Monday, June 29, 2015

Underworld/Not VPS/Testing/No lag/24/7 Unless busy

Its Your buddy Shadowlord back with another underworld server... Prepared to be amazed not really but whatever. Ok down to the point I got bored and so I found the Fab source on here fixed it up and I want people to come test it have some people already playing and Im still kinking it alittle like rank permissions and such so come play and enjoy. Also noob question but anyone know how I can get the Mystery Box and the Alchemist working? Thanks in advance and again enjoy the server.
Int Gold and Fame is Modified to be high So you may enjoy your stay No making mules Thanks.


1.No begging its just a test server
2.No disrespect honestly bullying is not allowed
3.Revive the community if you desire.
4.Become friends.
5.No duping
6. NO hacking insta ban
7.No claiming to be owner/founder I am the only one atm
8.No free ranks

Download Now
'' does not host any of the files mentioned on this blog. This blog only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users in ramleague.netand more. I don't create cheat I don't know anything about coding. Using cheat may ban your account permanently. Use at your own risk!