Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tutorial: Resource Indication

First things first: I completely re-worked this post. The reason for that is that Supercell changed the visual loot indication a couple of month ago, so this original posts wasn’t useful at all.
As our loot is dropping more and more it’s getting important to know when you’re looking at a juicy base right now or not. I know that the resources in Mines and Colelctors are shown but in this post I want to give you some advices to exactly know what you can really expect inside the Collectors.
Clash-of-Clans-visual-loot-indication Clash of Clans visual loot indication
Let’s start of with the basics. Every resource gathering building has 4 different visual levels which indicate how much of their capacity is used. In a perfect world (before the changes from Supercell I mentioned above kicked in) they have been linear:
  • First Level: 0 gold/elixier
  • Second Level: 37,500 gold/elixier
  • Third Level: 75,000 gold/elixier
  • Forth Level: 112,500 gold/elixier
You can get 50% of what’s in there – easy business. The rough rule of thumb was just waiting until you see anything in there and then just get the loot. Rough calculation here it would have been (TH10) 7 * 37,500 * 50% = a lot to get. The perfect world is gone, now the Second Level already kicks is with about 16,000 Gold/Elixir in the Mine/Collector. Image you attack this because it just went over that swell you only get like 20-30k of each.

How to pick the juicy farming bases

The rough rule of thumb is gone and you see that just looking for some Elixir or Gold in the Mines and Collectors isn’t enough and will provide you with some dry farming raids. What I can tell you first is that if you see the 3rd or 4th level of loot indication (almost filled) you can attack right away, don’t think about it. All I want to show you in this post is how you can tell if the the Second layer is enough to attack, because the gap between the second and the third layer has gotten bigger.

The Base looks abandoned

One very strong indication is if the base looks abandoned. I mean not completely abandoned but if you see a couple of Trees standing around and more than one Builder is sleeping you can assume that the owner hasn’t logged in for quite a while. Also, is there a Gem Box? Regular player clear them away directly because you can only have one of them and you want to get the next one as soon as possible.

Dark Elixir is the key

Now this is what i use to almost certain know before attacking. The thing is that the Dark Elixir Drills have far less capacity and rund full in max 16 hours. This is also more rough and I never attack if I see the Dark Elixir Drill being empty or almost empty because this means that someone took the resources out of the Collectors a short time ago and i will just waste my time attacking. The Third level for the Dark Elixir Drill is what you should look for, because this means they are at least half filled which gives the Mines and Collectors at least 24,000 Gold/Elixir each:
Clash-of-Clans-Dark-Elixir-loot-indication-farming-visual Clash of Clans Dark Elixir loot indication farming visual
Do you have any further indications when picking a base? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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