Sunday, June 7, 2015

Trap rearming when Farming

Are you using Traps? Of course you do, but when you are having your farming base design active and you are within your desired farming range how do you handle the Trap rearming? Do you re-arm all of them after every single attack or don’t you re-Arm them at all? In this post I want to have a look at both sides and what I found the best way for myself to re-arm my Traps when I do some solid farming.
Disclaimer: This is probably more for those of you that are doing the farming in lower Trophy areas and are not already on Town Hall 10 or next to it.

Re-arm costs versus loot

First of all we have a look at – you guessed it – the math behind it. When I have a decent amount of resources within my Storages and I get completely looted (despite the fact of my exposed Town Hall) I have to re-arm all my Traps which is something between 120,000-150,000 Gold for re-arming and I got looted for about 250,000 Gold. After I had that situation a couple of times I asked myself whether I could save Gold when not rearming them, because I thought when I get completely looted out even while I have all Traps active I have wasted Gold – I would have gotten the exactly same result with inactive Traps and saved myself the whole reactivation costs. This was the situation where I tried different setups while farming I want to share with you.
clash-of-clans-rearm.from-townhall clash of clans rearm

Hidden Bombs

They are pretty cheap and quite annoying when someone sends in Archers – I reactivate them all the time because they only cost a couple of hundreds each time.

Giant Bombs

They are pretty expensive and let’s have a look at the situations they will really save your neck. You will have luck if someone is trying to do some Hog Rider attacks against your base. But if someone does this he wants to 3-star you and I think he will actually do it – if you have them activated or not – Multi-Target Inferno Towers are more a solution for them so why spending that much for a probably lost attack? When farming I don’t re-arm them.

Spring Traps

If you have them in funnels and you are very effective against Giants you should re-arm them – I have seen them destroying packs of Giants and win a defense for me.

Air Bombs

Activate them at any cost – they are deadly for Minions and Minions can easily reach some of your Storages and take a huge amount of resources from you.

Seeking Air Mines

I personally leave them inactive during farming because they are pretty expensive and if someone decides to attack with Healers or Dragons it’s quite sure he will get what he wants and I don’t want to pay for something that will not help me much.
clash-of-clans-rearming-while-farming clash of clans rearming while farming

How can you use this?

Well, first of all have a look at how much you lose when someone goes for your resources and afterwards have a look at how many you have to spend for re-arming. Now you can easily see what numbers you are comparing. It’s often some try-and-error game you have to play until you find the best solution because this really depends on our Town Hall level and the trophy range you are farming in.

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