Monday, June 8, 2015

Town Hall Upgrade: Rush or Max?

Everyone wants the coveted Inferno Towers, unlocked at Town Hall 10. Everyone wants X-Bows, unlocked at Town Hall 9. But is it worth the loss of available loot from lower Town Halls that could be gained but can’t because your Town Hall is higher? The answer is completely up to you! However, there are many pros and cons to rush Town Hall that haven’t been debated much and need to be covered.

Main issues for rushing and maxing Town Halls

Pro Rush Town Halls

  • A rusher is able to get better buildings, troops, and upgrades on current buildings early
  • Can get a head start on the new Town Hall level compared to other players
  • Is ranked higher in Clan Wars (kind of trivial, but some might care)
  • Can buy more (or one) Dark Elixir Drills for a very good way to obtain Dark Elixir.**
**You can find out the certain production rates for Dark Elixir Drills at specific levels fairly easy on the internet, or guides you can download on an application (I recommend ‘Guide For COC’). But the maximum amount of Dark Elixir that can be obtained at Town Hall 7 from Drills (one level three) is 1,080 Dark Elixir every day. Town Hall 8 maximum is 2,160 (two Level 3 Drills). Town Hall 9 maximum is 4,800 Dark Elixir (two Level 6 Drills), and Town Hall 10 is a whopping 7,200 a day with three Level 6 Drills. All in all, Drills alone can be very beneficial for obtaining Dark Elixir.

Con Rush Town Halls

  • Has decreased loot from lower Town Hall levels
  • Higher level players can steal more loot from the rusher (resulting in the rusher having to defend against tougher troops)
  • Have to farm much lower to prevent a lot of resources stolen
  • More difficult to find easily obtainable resources

Pro Maxing Town Halls

  • Walls, if completely maxed, can end up being astronomically more powerful than other players with similar experience levels, probably at Town Hall 7-8 when they start to be much tougher at the maximum level.
  • Other buildings might be higher in level because another player your Experience Level spent their gold on X-Bows, for example, instead of getting all Archer Towers and Cannons to Level 10 before upgrading.
  • Easier to obtain resources

Con Maxing Town Halls

  • It might seem like you are behind your friends because your Experience Level progression will stop as you upgrade your walls. The reason for this is Walls give no experience points when upgraded.
  • You will be ranked lower than rushers in Clan Wars just because the war ranking takes quite highly Town Hall level into consideration.
  • Have to wait longer for the “fun” buildings
  • Troops are weaker
  • Potentially boring to farm a ton of gold/elixir for Walls

How Low Does Loot Actually Go?

For bases that are the same Town Hall level as you, there would be a fraction of the loot available that you actually have. So, if someone the same Town Hall level as you were to attack you, that would be 100% of the total loot available to steal (but they can’t steal all of your resources. Also see for more information on loot breakdown). For players with one Town Hall level lower than yours, they would have 90% of the total loot available, which would happen if a Town Hall nine were to attack a Town Hall eight, for example. For two Town Hall levels below yours, the loot would only be 50% of the total, which pretty much eliminates them from your farming targets. And, for the sake of completeness, for players three or more levels below yours there would be a measly 20% available, making them almost impossible to attack with profit. So the most loot you will be taking in will be from the same level and one Town Hall level below you.
In the end, it would be better to play safe and max your Town Hall. Even after all this information, you may still want to rush Town Hall. This is completely fine! What Patrick Carney (also known as Chief Pat; his YouTube channel is PlayClashOfClans) said is, “One of the great things about Clash of Clans is that you can play the game so many ways.” So if you feel like you want to rush, go ahead. I am a rusher myself and don’t regret rushing at all. I have set some guidelines down below for probably the earliest time to rush. This is based solely on my experiences. If you disagree, that is completely fine, and don’t be afraid to say so!

rush town hall is sometimes ok Silly rushed town hall in clash of clans
Rushing Town Halls is ok – unless your base looks that silly

Rushing Guidelines

Since walls give no experience points, I’ve given a guideline for how many walls you should have upgraded. Earliest experience levels to rush Town Hall*:
  • To Town Hall Level 6: 30, all Walls Level 4, though Walls Level 5 would be extremely helpful.
  • To Town Hall Level 7: 39, all Walls Level 5
  • To Town Hall Level 8: 53, all Walls Level 6, Walls Level 7 would help
  • To Town Hall Level 9: 73, all Walls Level 7 would be great, though not necessary.
  • To Town Hall Level 10: 100, I recommend getting all Walls Level 8 and a lot to Level 9, even though it is super expensive. Town Hall 10 farming is very difficult from what I’ve heard, so as many Walls upgraded as possible would help a ton, so you can change trophy ranges as you please.
*Not many people have noticed, but there is actually no loot penalty if you rush all the way to Town Hall level five!
These numbers are my opinion, and I have not been at Town Hall 6 or 7 in a long time, so please give feedback in the comments for the benefit of others. Also, these numbers are based on “real” experience level. Check out my article on “Real Experience Level” for more information.
Hope this info helps. Good luck on your decision! :) simple smile

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