Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Top 7 Base Design mistakes you should not do

I get lots of mails from people who like to get some help how they could improve their base design and as I’m lucky to help out I still see more or less the same mistakes again and again so I thought I make this post with the most popular mistakes in base design you all should mind when you check your base.

The 7 most popular base design mistakes

Please mind the following are not ordered by popularity or heaviness.

Wrong layering

Layering is usefull to prevent troops entering your base easily on some spots – if you do it right! When you want to use layering always leave one line free of Walls in between:

wall layers in clash of clans layered walls

If you fill them out you won’t see any more benefit because Wallbreakers have spalsh damage and will destroy the middle line as well without any extra effort. You simply save yourself some Walls you can easily use on another place in your base.


It’s always good to divide your base into multiple compartments to prevent enemy troops having an easy game once entered the base. If you create your compartments try to prevent having X-Junctions because when they get destroyed it will open multiple compartments. The really bad thing is that troops will always prefer junctions when destroying Walls so try to only create T-Juntions instead:

intersections in base design wall junctions

Don’t stuff your base

Some say you always have to make compromises in live and in this case it is true without a doubt. I constantly see people trying to fit as many buildings within their Walls as possible. You always have to decide what you put into your core and what you put outside and why would you mind if someone destroys your Barracks? Place your important buildings like Defenses and Storages inside a core you can harden with Walls and leave the buildings which are useless for defending outside so they will deflect attacking troops while your Defenses can take them under fire.

Spread your splash

I know it’s enticing to take your Mortars with their wide range into your very inside core but always leave some space in between them – otherwise someone might take out multiple Mortars with good placed Lightning Spells.

destroy 2 mortars with same Lightning Spell Clash of Clans Lightning Spell multi Mortar destruction

Also mind there is a dead spot and if they are very close to each other they have not even a little use when some troops entered the dead spot. If you have your Inferno Towers already set up leave some space in between so nobody can freeze both of them with only one Freeze Spell

Freeze Spell in Clash of Clans radius Perfect freeze spell

CCC! Centralized Clan Castle

You Clan Castle is by far your most powerful Defense and should always be as much centralized as possible to make it hard to pull the troops on the inside and also to have the best possible defending radius.

Using Hog Rider to pull enemy CC Troops Clash of Clans Hog Rider versus Clan Castle

Mind the drop zone

You have created a powerful layout with funneling and everything works fine but somehow someone is able to drop troops right inside your base. Take care where you place Giant Bombs and Hidden Teslas because they will not block the ground for troops to get deployed because they aren’t visible for the attacker:
Also mind that decorations aren’t blocking neither!

Place all Defenses simultaniously

Try to create a very homogeneous radius with each kind of Defenses – this means prevent having many Cannons next to each other. Let me show you with a layout review I did a couple month ago:

clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-12-layout-checkup-symmetric clash of clans weekly base analysis part 12 layout checkup symmetric

This is the best way to Defend your cups and resources in the same strength.

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