Sunday, June 7, 2015

Top 3 Farming Bases 2014

If you google for farming base design you will find a lot, no a load of bases that claim to be the best farming bases. Some of them however are pretty old in the CLash of Clan era and maybe outdated because some updates afterwards did change troop settings and therefore often destroy the idea behing these design. However I did find you the Top 3 farming bases for 2014 so far:

Black Mamba Base Design
RINGUS Base Design

Ruthless Base Design
All of these three bases have the most important key facts for farming (besides they are designed by one of the most succesfull farming gamers in Clash of Clans):

– Town Hall completely outside and not surrended by teslas, heroes etc. This is important because you want to have the cheap shield and you get it if your attacker can get 5-8 trophies by investing two or three archers. If they need to invest more they intend to destroy more or maybe go for the middle. As a farmer you don’t care much about your trophies but you care about having as much shield as possible while not beeing online

– No T-Corners because this is where the troops go most and they always open up more than one square. Try to avoid this when designing your base

– Funneling (at least two of them): Open your walls on certain steps to make giants go in there – where your spring traps are waiting for them. Or also to keep them going around your base like in Black Mamba’s design

– Clan Castle inside – even if you don’t see a huge use in there. Always try to have archers in there, because this is very despleasing for your attackers if their troops have to deal with them before focusing on your defensive structures
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