Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[TOOL] AutoClient V3 - Auto call, auto pick, auto login... just everything

Hello there.
I am about to release version 3 of my PVP.net Client automation tool.

Hello there.
I am about tIntroduction

This tool is capable of automating most of the actions you hate doing in PVP.net client, such as:

  1. Auto accept the game
  2. Auto call your lane
  3. Pick a champion
  4. Pick summoner spells, masteries and runes
  5. Automatically accept players in teambuilder
  6. Automatically press Ready in teambuilder
  7. Auto launch and login into the game


All these features can be swiftly configured in the simple application GUI:o release version 3 of my PVP.net Client automation tool.

And, if you enable it, the status will also be visible thanks to the tray icon:

Just turn it on
All you need to do is to click the Start button or mid-click the tray icon. The program will automatically detect what are you doing and take over if necessary.

Your mouse is YOUR MOUSE
Many other instalocker programs move your mouse over the screen. That sucks! Not only that LoL AutoClient doesn't do that, but also it works even when PVP.net window is partially invisible.

Be online in 10 seconds!

Not only my program can automate game queue - if you want, you can also enable passive automation and get extra auto clicking.

Check auto login and auto launch on youtube. Note that your password for auto login feature is encrypted, so if somebody steals your settings, he might not be able to get it.

Never outdates!
Well, it may outdate, but as of champion names and summoner spells, all you need to get updates is to delete LOLResources folder. Here's a video that explains it.

I keep working!
Please if there's a problem with the application, don't give up on it. Because I don't. Thanks to you, users, many bugs have been fixed. For example:
Administrator account bug
Localised Client title bug
Summoner spell picking bug

So keep complaining, I'll keep fixing!

Download Now

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