Monday, June 8, 2015

Tips to win almost every Clan War

What is your clans win ratio in the last 10 Clan Wars? We had some problems in our Clan and put some effort into improving our ratio, which was below 50% won Clan Wars. You’ll want to avoid losing streaks, paltry loot bonus’ will scare off members and lead to low participation rates, which quickly spirals into even more lost clan wars. In order to make real profit from Clan Wars you should win lots of them because each Clan War costs tons of Elixir. Below is the result of my clan after some improvements:
Clash-of-Clans-how-to-win-all-clan-wars Clash of Clans how to win all clan wars

Improvements during the Preparation Day of Clan Wars

First of all check your base layout!

When Supercell introduced Clan Wars you could only use your real base layout and therefore lots of us used some kind of hybrid layout to switch fast between Clan War layout and farming layout. It’s important that you use a good and solid War Base layout for Clan Wars, especially after the update that introduced the War Base Layout editor. See here how you can change your War base layout and leave your layout untouched. You can get some tips about how to create a solid War Base here or also have a look at some successful War Base layouts here.

Max your Clan Castle potential!

Your Clan Castle is your most powerful building so always have it in the center and filled with the best troops for defending. Lots of people in my clan did not really understand the difference between troop donations to the Clan Castle via the clan chat and the War Castle with troops that will defend your War Base during Clan War. I recommend using either Witches, Wizards or Dragons and compliment with Archers. Don’t hesitate releasing troops you don’t like and be clear with your preferred troops. You have to edit the standard “I need reinforcement troops” text. If you want to have a look at Sir Antalots post about defending Clan Castle troops you can read it here (also the 2nd part about the Dark Elixir troops is available).

Clash-of-Clans-how-to-win-all-clan-wars-tips-on-troops-composition Clash of Clans how to win all clan wars tips on troops composition

Organize before Battle Day!

Here is where we got most of our improvement. You have to have a Feeder Clan where inactive or lower level clan mates are staying so everyone in the Clan War clan is active. Also try to build those players up before accepting them in your Clan War clan and don’t cold-accept them. This is also a good way to prevent espionage from your current enemy clan. Also, I’d like to point out three very essential rules for Battle Day:
  1. Weaker players should attack during the first 12 hours and the stronger players in the send part of the Battle Day. The weak players should have first dibs on your opponents weaker players to max their star potential.
  2. Bottom to Top in Clan Wars: Never start fighting the best 3 to 10 opponent bases (depending on how big the Clan War is regarding 15 vs 15 players or 50 vs 50 players). For regular Clan Wars it is enough if 80% of the bases get destroyed to win and every star is equal – no place for playing the Hero here.
  3. DEMORALIZE! This is the best push we got in our clan: Tell everyone that the first attack should aim to get 3 stars. In this case your enemy will loose faith in winning and maybe some players will not even attack with their expensive army because they think they don’t have a chance of winning anyways. Imagine you login on Battle Day and your clan has 10% of the possible stars while the opponent clan already got 50%. You think that this is not working but I promise you it will!

Clan Wars Battle Day tweaking

Always attack with a full army and have all Spells and your Heroes with you. Nothing is more frustrating if you only got 90% because you told yourself you will not need the 2 Healing or Rage Spells.
Scout and watch Replays! If you see that an enemy War Base got only destroyed for 1 star from one of your clan mates check out the replay. Hopefully you’ll be able to where the Traps are and what troops are in the Clan Castle. Think about taking this base instead of a “fresh” and unknown base if you are not sure. Remember that a fresh base will have surprises for you, while the other base has been exposed, which should help you to destroy it.
Believe it or not we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. For more check out our Clan War Section on AllClash for even deeper Clan War strategy. Just to get you exited it’s about getting a Head Start in Clan Wars, Spy and Anti-Spy and also helpful hints how you can scout Traps and many many more.

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