Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The clean base design

We’ve posted about a lot of solid base designs here on AllClash – the War Bases for 2015 or also the weekly featured Base Designs by DJBattleShip, just to name a view, some of which you may be using. I don’t want to tell you not to use base designs made by someone else, but once you have labored over your own custom design you will have a whole new kind of love for your village. In this post I want to share some things I tell people when they mail or PM me asking for help improving their bases – it’s more about the arrangement of your Defenses, don’t stress about Walls and other things, just do your best to spread them out within your design. Below I will lay out some basic principals for you to apply for your next base design.

Geometry is key in Base Design

The basic concept is pretty easy – you have 4 Mortars so you arrange them in a square, you have 7 Archer Towers so you arrange them in a septagon. My reasoning is simple:
  1. You want your base to have the same strength everywhere, experienced attackers will find and exploit any weak spots.
  2. You want to create a homogenous radius of Defenses because each have a set of unique characteristics, they differ in fire rate/impact damage and desired target.
  3. You want to have all Defenses of the same kind to perform with a big cover range instead of seeing them each on their own.
base design defense geometry clean base design concept geometry

As you can see you always try to cover the biggest range possible by placing them this way in your base. This is of course just an example and you can play around a little bit. If we take the Air Defenses you can decide if you want them more inside or outside but no matter what you should always try to have them in a square formation:

clean-base-design-concept-geometry-air-defense clean base design concept geometry air defense

How to apply to your base?

As mentioned in the beginning this is not only useful for you when you create a new layout – you can easily apply this to your current base. This is something that will take like 5 minutes and maybe give your defensive performance a significant boost. The trick is that you only switch around Defenses and not redesign your layout – I have made several tips on a base analysis last year which shows what I recommended with the Wizard Towers:

clash-of-clans-weekly-base-analysis-part-9-farming-base-layout-concept clash of clans weekly base analysis part 9 farming base layout concept

PS: This is also something you should do with your Traps.

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