Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SynBoz/FapcF atualizado s/ban 2015 3/06/15


Onehit ZM / ZA MOD (Mata with 1 shot in zombie mode)
No Recoil (Perfect Shot STRAIGHT)
In knock back (Not Lose damage the Falling From High Place)
Long Knife (Knife Range)
Add Weapon Damage (Increase Strength Of Your Weapon)
Fly [Shift] (Hold shift to fly)
AFK BOT ???? (It is not moved to the lobby for inactivity)
Wall Hack / See Ghost (show the players on the walls and ghost) to
In the Reload Pro (faster Caregamento)
Fast Change (exchange their weapons faster)
Fast Shoot (Loads the Weapons of 1 second)
Draw Bone (shows the skeleton of the players)
Full Balo-Ammo [V] (Press V and will be able to exchange item like a hack bag)
Change Knife (Weapon hack knives)
Auto HeadShot (Aimbot)
HeadShot Type (Changes Aimbot From Type)
Speed ​​Hack [Shift] (Hold Shift to have speed)
Under map (Staying below the earth)
Anti boom (pumps not take damage)
CrossHair (Mira precision)
Invisible Hack [F] (Press F to stay invisible and V to return to normal)
In Bug Damage (Nao takes damage when you buga on a map)
M16 ---> (Weapon for M16)
Fast Knife (Speed ​​To Knives)
Knife Round 360 (A knife kill all who are around you)
M700 ---> (Weapon for M700)
In Fall Damage (Not loses damage when falling from high places)
Jump Hack (highest jumps)


1 Extract the file contents: Synbox (if using Windows Vista / 7/8 run as administrator);

3rd Wait to Get In 100% if you are already;

4th Open the game by Go Now crossfire and be happy;


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