Tuesday, June 9, 2015

sirhC. CS:GO External V1.2

sirhC. CS:GO External V1.2
I will be adding more features and plan to keep it updated.
• Added Triggerbot (With custom delay)
• Added BunnyHop
• Added Recoil Control System (RCS)
• Added player check to Glow
• Tweaked console output

• Triggerbot
• BunnyHop
• Recoil Control System (RCS)
• Glow ESP

• Run the game, doesn't matter if you're ingame or on the menu
• Run the hack

• F1 = Triggerbot Toggle
• F2 = BunnyHop Toggle
• F3 = Recoil Control System Toggle
• F4 = Glow Toggle


• buFFy (Glow ESP)
• Merccy2 (How to read m_fFlags)

Suggest features and improvements as I am open to both, enjoy.

Glow ESP is very power hungry, if you have a weak machine it might lag you.
Recoil Control System won't work if you have a high ping.

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