Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sabotaging Enemies in Wars

Yesterday we talked about spies in Clan Wars, and now we are taking this one step ahead – if you have moral concerns about spying on other clans you should maybe stop reading here. Just kidding, everything is fair in love and war, so here are some tactics to sabotage your opponent clan to get yourself a nice advantage in the Clan War. To all of you who think that this is not fairplay: Read this post carefully to see what someone can do to your clan if you let him.
The basic of this requires that you manage to get one spy into the enemy clan and make him stay there during Preparation Day and War Day as well. You should have someone with an 2nd account to do this (the higher Town Hall level of the 2 has the upper hand) – just search up the clan early as possible and try to join them. It is really helpful if you have a solid base for this because this makes people trust you even more.

Introduce Yourself and Sneak Around

First of all introduce yourself properly and make good donations to the reinforcement requests to get people to trust you. Better not ask for higher troops (Archers are common, so you won’t create mistrust). Wait until someone asks something about the Clan War and that’s the point where you start sabotaging. If they ask if they should attack a base or not, give them some wrong tips – recommend bases that are too high for them. Also give them some false hints about if they can attack a base with Dragons or Hog Riders – you should take notes on this so you can tell your clan who will attack them and maybe even with which troops they will attack. You should also take notes what is inside the Clan Castles in the War Bases.
Counter: Check new members carefully – maybe think about not accepting new members during Clan War.

Become a Double Agent

Offer them to sneak over to the other clan to spy on them – they don’t know that this is your clan. Go over there for one hour or something like this and come back with “great” secrets – you will of course not tell them the truth, you will provide them with false information like false positions of Giant Traps and Spring Traps. If they believe you they will trust you and they will have a bad surprise during Battle Day.
Counter: If someone who just joined your clan offers this just don’t trust him. Why would some player offer this right away so someone he doesn’t know. Even if this person is not a spy there is a reason he just joined a new clan.

Destroy the Clan

This is, from my point of view, extreme and for me the point where I have moral concerns – but in my duty to give all information I will write it. Ask to be an Elder and if they are really that stupid (or trustful) to make you Elder so you can kick out members – most of them won’t return because they are angry or they aren’t online so you can expect a very low participation of the enemy clan in Clan War. Please really consider if you want to go that far! You will destroy a social structure that has been built for weeks/months just to win some loot.
Counter: Making someone elder right away is a huge mistake you only make once.

Sabotage the Battle Day

If you are still a part of the clan during Battle Day you can try to claim yourself a base. Often people don’t recognize that you aren’t participating in the war and that you’re only in spectator mode. Maybe they will leave the base alone and when they notice the trick, most of the active players will have already used their attacks.

Clash-of-Clans-sabotage-other-clans Clash of Clans sabotage other clans

You can also wait until someone wants strong troops for Clan Wars and donate Goblins or anything like this. Releasing troops from Clan Castles is only available for War Bases and not for the regular reinforcement troops. Sometimes those players will waste those troops in the Single Player map to get rid of them, but sometimes they don’t recognize the trick and will attack with them. Sometimes you can create a situation where something like a Dragon is in the Clan Castle, so he/she will not drop them because the Dragon would be wasted – even in the best clans you’ll probably not get two Dragons in a row. Anyway, he/she will have to wait until the cool down is gone until it’s time to request again.
Counter: If you see someone donating Goblins etc. against a reinforcement request give him a warning and next time kick him.

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