Sunday, June 7, 2015

Resources vs. login frequency

I just read an interesting analysis about how your resources will develop when you login daily once or more times. The basic conclusion was that if you leave your base completely on it’s own and have no farming base design and start off with 1,000,000 Gold/Elixir in your Storages and get raided 100% each time you will dramatically loose resources with the time.
In fact you will loose 75% of your resources within 2 weeks if you do not login and you will get the best grow in Gold and Elixir if you login at least 4 times a day:
clash-of-clans-gold-growth-vs-daily-logins clash of clans gold growth vs daily logins
How is this made? Well it takes that you have 1,000,000 in the Storages and you have 6 maxed Gold Mines/Elixir Collectors. If you get raided from a player with the same Town Hall level he will get 50% of what’s in your Mines and Collectors and 20% of what’s in your Storages. Having your resources in your Storages is a big advantage because enemies cannot take that much from there as from the Mines and Collectors. This is the basic thought behind that idea that you have to login as often as possible to collect your resources.

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