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Resource Management like a Chief

I recently mentioned in my post about getting more loot in Clash of Clans that resource management is one important thing to consider if you really want to have profit from your raiding. In this post I will show you my personal strategy how I prevent that my raiding costs me resources or only breaks even – don’t get me wrong, I love destroying other people villages (that’s why I’m called TimmyEatWorld) but in the end I also want my Storages to be filled, so I will show you my own personal checklist and how to apply them to regular raiding and Clan War attacking with the experience I have made so far.
I know there are some math things in it but you will see that this is much more easy than you would expect it to be if you follow my instructions.

Resource Management Checklist for more loot

The basic thoughts behind this is that I don’t want to spend more than I invested so here’s my simple Checklist I always run through in my mind to know what I have to consider before I deploy my first troop:
  1. What does my army cost?
  2. What do I go for?
  3. What to expect?
  4. Set myself limits

Calculate your army costs

If you don’t control your costs you will hardly make some profit. Now you simply sum up your costs for the Troops you’re going to attack with – there are many army cost planner around but you can also do the math easily in your head. I will guide you through this with a quite simple example so you only have to put in your own parameters from your troop composition. Let’s say I use 10 Dragons Level 3 so my cost will be 36,000 Elixir * 10 times = 360,000 Elixir. Additional I also have 3 Rage Spells Level 4 in my pocket which add another 90,000 Elixir plus 2 Lightning Spells Level 5 for another 44,000 Elixir.
Clash-of-Clans-dragons-split-up Clash of Clans dragons split up
Ok, well in fact 494,000 Elixir is massive but let’s be honest about the Spells – you try to save them where you can and sometimes you come across a village you don’t need all them. In my example here I only use the Lightning Spells for some defending Clan Castle Troops (like Wizards) or a certain Air Defense. We’re calculating so I don’t take this for my average costs and only expect to use the Lightning Spells every second time. My total would be 472,000 Elixir in average.
Attention: please try to be honest with this. You don’t want to be too pessimistic because your limits would let you not attack one or another village or on the other side you will not make that much profit if you are too optimistic with the Spells. I’m sure you have the idea – otherwise consider your Attack Log and see how many you really used.

What are you raiding for? No matter, it’s loot!

Now we’re getting deeper because getting 472,000 Elixir in raids with the nexting costs is just not realistic. I always put Gold+Elixir in one pot and – depending how much I need it – Dark Elixir with the ratio of 75. This means 1,000 Dark Elixir is as much 75,000 Gold or Elixir to me. This of course is now the amount you have to get for yourself – I admit it’s hard in the beginning when you start to not only look at the resources and next in the blink of an eye, but start calculating but after some days doing it you just do it automatically – I promise. You basically stop thinking in Gold and Elixir and start thinking in the unit called “loot”.

Much loot in Clash of Clans clahs of clans bad loot situation september 2014
How much you loot is depending on several things

In my calculation I got exactly 686,636 loot (620,861 in Gold+Elixir + 65,775 in Dark Elixir) from this raid

What to expect?

The picture above shows you that I’ve been making profit from the raid because I invested my 472,000 and got out 686,636 but only expecting those fat raids is not doing the job so you need some more calculations. We now have to leave our little math world sandbox and add some realistic figures:
  • How much do I have to invest until I get a raid that will bring me profit?
  • What’s my success rate?
  • What’s the bonus I get?
Getting these numbers is the key of success – if you have them straight you will make profit. I will show you how you get these numbers and I really recommend that you do two things with them:
  • Note them down once you got them
  • Re-check them depending on Clan War and regular raiding (more about that in the next 2 sections)
Unfortunately we now have to split the calculation between Clan War and regular raiding:

Clan War resource management

First of all you have to consider your invest on Preparation Day – maybe your Clan wants to have Dragons in there. Let’s say you donate 4 Dragons Level 3 you have a total invest of 144,000 Elixir which you have to return in 2 attacks – in this case add 72,000 Elixir to your costs (in the example from above we now have an invest of 544,000 loot for each attack)
Next, simply take your success rate which you should either note down yourself to track or do it from your feeling. In Clan War the War Bonus is essential so you have to take:
  • the ratio of how much of your attacks get at least 1 Star and reward you War bonus
  • the ratio of how much your Clan wins to get the War bonus delivered in your Clan Castle
In my case I get 90% of the time at least 1 Star and my Clan has this War Log:
Clash-of-Clans-how-to-win-all-clan-wars Clash of Clans how to win all clan wars
In this case my addition is 10% for my failed attacks and around 15% for my Clan success rate so I have to add 25% of my costs to be safe in the long run. My invest per raid will be 725,000 loot.
Shocking number, right? Well, I actually don’t do the mass Dragon attacks out of this reason, so you can see with this calculation how much loot you lose even if your Clan wins the Clan War. Let’s end this calculation to see my revenue.
Clan-War-Battle-Day-Fight Clan War Battle Day Fight
In this attack I would earn 141,440 Gold/Elixir + 75*450 Dark Elixir = 175,190 loot + 426,000 in War Bonus. This makes an invest of 544,000 loot versus a revenue of 601,190. I don’t want to get in too deep discussing troop compositions in this post here but this is only making profit because my personal and my Clan success rate is so high. This changes quite often so make sure to re-calculate this step after 4-5 Clan Wars or if you change your Town Hall Level because the War Bonus changes in this case as well.
Anyway this is a great way to see yourself how much you can improve your own performance – loot is bad? Not necessarily, maybe you only drive a very expensive composition into your attacks?

Raiding resource management

You see that doing this in Clan War is quite easy – you have plenty of time picking the loot and bonus figures but in regular attacking you have to decide faster because you also have to check out the base and make your plan on how you’ll attack in the 30 seconds. No worries! My strategy gives you a number you only have to apply to a base within 1-2 seconds before you can check out the defenses and get your attacking plan straight:
1.) Average nexting costs: I would love to say I have 28 nexting in general to find a good base but we all know it’s not working that way. You simply can’t take an average number without making excessive data collecting so I set myself a stop-loss break. No good base within 30 nexting means I stop and try later. Now you only apply these 30 times (in my case 1000 Gold each) to your invest which makes an additional 30,000 loot.
The great thing is if we find a base earlier we make extra profit – not much, but extra.
2.) Success rate: Take a look at your last 10 attacks in your Attack Log and you’ll get a number. For me it’s about 85% success rate so I have to add another 15% to my original invest of 544,000 loot which makes an additional 81,600 loot.
3.) League Bonus: As our success rate is based on the fact that we get a bonus we have to add the League Bonus. In my case in Master II right now it’s a bonus of 120,000 Gold + 120,000 Elixir and 75*700 Dark Elixir = 292,500 loot
Important! Please re-Calculate those 3 steps once a week or if you move Leagues because they make it quite dynamic.

Getting it together!

Now we get our number of loot we have to see in a villages Storages to be able to attack with making profit:
Invest: 544,000 loot
+ 30,000 loot for nexting
+ 81,600 loot for success rate
292,500 loot for the League Bonus
= 363,100 loot in total delta
In case this was too much for you – the 363,100 loot is what we have to take out of a village (excluded the League Bonus!) in average to make some profit and we only may use 30 times nexting!
Personal hint: I know if you’re not into calculating fast in your head it may be somehow difficult and you don’t want to play your favourite mobile game with a calculator so here’s what I do… I always look at the Dark Elixir first (is it around 500, around 1000, around 1,500…?) and I know exactly those numbers (500 Dark Elixir are always around 40,000 loot to make it simple). Now you subtract this from your loot limit number.
Let’s say there’s 1000 Dark Elixir you take away 80,000 loot from your 363,000 and get about 280,000. Now you can quickly see if there is 280,000 in Gold and Elixir in that certain Village you want to attack.
Also, if the village only offers 260,000 I would attack it anyway because you also come across more profitable one to make it work in the long run but you already invested in texting If it only has 200,000 I would skip it – as hard as that sounds in the first impression!


Who said math is useless? Before you now hate me in the comments for teaching you in your free time math, please always mind that this method seems very hard to apply in the beginning but after several days you will just do it in the back of your head – all you need is some routine and this is the only way you can really track your effort and prevent that you lose resources while raiding.

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