Friday, June 5, 2015

[Release] Forge of Empires Farmer

This is my first bot and it's made for a browser game called Forge of Empires as you can see from the name. It's a work in progress so if you find any bugs or you would like to see a feature added please write it here.

Latest version: (2014-05-28)

Tested on game version: 1.27

  • Collect items (gold, production, goods, military ...)
  • Clear stale production
  • Clear plundered production
  • Automatically train military units
  • Start supplies production
  • Start goods production
  • Spend forge points
  • Support other players by motivate/polish
  • Auto relog
  • Proxy options
  • Resource display
  • Remember login information
  • Notifications (forge points full, blueprint found ...)
  • Run in system tray
  • Run on Windows startup
  • Latest version check
  • All countries supported

Make sure you check the preferences of the application if you want to disable/enable a feature or change any other settings.

You must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed.
Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) from Official Microsoft Download Center

How to use the bot:
Simply start it, enter your account information and click on login and the bot will start working.
All the information about what the application is doing can be seen in the Info and Log tab.

How to set Support options:
There are two main support options: Globa and Custom.

Global is affected for every player with the exception of players in Custom.
Search order is the order in with the bottom Priorities will be excecuted to find the building to support.
Priorities tell the search algorithm which building to support if there are more than one.

Custom options must be set for every player that has a special support building search.

One of the important options is the strict checkbox. If the checbox is checked then the player will only be support if the match is found. If the checkbox is not checked and no building was matched then that player is supported with the Global rules.
This is useful for example if you want to polish a player but if no building is currently polishable then pick another building by the Global rules.

 Forge points spending

To use the forge points spending feature you must first enable it the preferences (1), then you must choose where to spend your points on (research or great building (2)) and the last thing is limit when to spend forge points (3). Forge points will only be spend when you have more of them than the number you set (3).

Spending forge points on research:
If you choose to spend forge points on research you can set additional options in the Research tab. The only option there is if you would like the research to also be unlocked when you have sufficient resources (1).

Spending forge points on great building:
If you choose to spend forge points on a great building you can set additional options in the Great building tab. There are two options that you must set. First is the name of the player (must be your neighbour, guild member, friend or yourself) that has the great building that you want to spend forge points on (1). The second option is the great building that you want to spend forge points on (2).


  • Go find some
Also send me the Application.log file if the error is seen in the log.

Requested features:
  • Multiple accounts
  • Auto-add people to friends list
  • Auto-attack neighbours
  • Auto-steal player buildings
  • Great building information
  • See and create trades
  • Save notifications on application close
  • Military buy slots
  • Script support
  • Localization
  • Auto-update
  • Linux, OS X support
  • [Partially implemented]Better pickup / start production information
  • Chat, ingame mail
  • Spend FP on great buildings and research
  • Facebook and google login

Working on:
  • Multiple accounts

Download Now

Forge of Empires Farmer - Source Code
Forge of Empires Farmer v1.6.5.0

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