Monday, June 8, 2015

Raiding like a Sir!…2 Part 6 – Ballooning

I know of a couple of raid tactics called ‘balloonion’ but I will concentrate on the one that one of my clan mates swears by! For this I would say you need at least level 4 balloons and you will also need minions, balloon….minions, balloonio….never mind you get the name. I would also recommend rage spells as balloons are slooooooow!

Clash-of-Clans-ballon-raging-spell Clash of Clans ballon raging spell

Target the best Air Defense (or as close as you can get) drop at least 30 Balloons. Balloons target defences so you want them to be raged and fighting strong. Next use as many minions as you can fit in your pockets and spread all along the side your balloons started at. This tactic works so well because many people forget about Air Defense or decide to upgrade more than one at once. Should pick up quite a few 2 star wins and the odd 3.
  • works very well and gives balloons something to do.
  • I struggle to use this on anyone with a th8 or above.

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