Monday, June 8, 2015

Raiding like a Sir!…2 Part 1 – Giants and Healer

Last series I brought you loot raiding techniques, this time its all about the win!

Giant/Healer Attack

Let’s start simple. This is by far the most used tactic and with good reason. Giants target defensive buildings and as they smash the living Elixir outta them, Healers keep them in the fight! I recommend using 14-16 Giants, a Healing Spell, 2 Healers and Barbarians (Wallbreakers optional)

clash-of-clans-giant-healer-first-wave clash of clans giant healer first wave

Check the base for an entry point – away from splash damage targets and without too many Walls in the way. Your primary defensive structure to target is the Air Defense. Drop half the Giants with the understanding that they will die, but before they do it is vital that they take out the Air Defense! If you need to keep them in the fight longer to get rid of the Air Defense – use the Healing Spell.

clash-of-clans-giant-healer-second-wave clash of clans giant healer second wave

The second the Air Defense falls you need to send in the rest of the Giants. These giants primary target should be Archer Towers. Send them in as close to an Archer Tower as you can and immediately drop a Healer as well. The Archer Tower will attack the Giants leaving the skies free for your Healer. The second healer is there in case your first triggers an air seeking mine too early!
Once 75% of defensive structures are gone…send in the Barbarians.
  • Cheap
  • Reasonably quick to train.
  • Becomes less effective with two or more air def structures.

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