Sunday, June 7, 2015

Raiding like a Sir! Part 4 – Barbarians – Archers – Heroes

This will be the final installment of this tactic series as by now you will be drinking elixer and throwing gold at people who annoy you.

Town Hall sniping

Requirements – Archers, barbs, barb king, archer queen…anything you like really!
Town hall sniping means it is possible (I have seen it) for a level 26 player to reach the crystal league In very little time at all! Basically you are looking for farming bases, bases that the town hall is exposed as to give the defender a 12 hour shield for it being destroyed and hopefully without losing precious loots!
clash-of-clans-crystal-league-town-hall-3 clash of clans crystal league town hall 3
Simply attack the town hall with whatever you like (I recommend Barb king) and as soon as comes crumbling down end the battle and move on. I hope you have found these short raiding tactics helpful, please feel free to comment and question below.
Until next time, don’t raid me :) simple smile
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